Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Minimal Digging Maximum Results: Trenchless Sewer Repair Work

Years ago when you had to replace a sewer line, you had to dig up the yard covering the entire stretch of pipe -sometimes even into the street. This was messy, very expensive and sometimes even meant hazardous sewer germs lurking about the yard. So much so that home owners would sometimes have to leave their homes for a week or so during the replacement. This was the norm for a long time until innovations in the plumbing field led to a much faster and cleaner approach.

Trenchless Sewage Line Replacement!

A modern marvel! This approach to replacing sewer lines allows for the entire pipe to be replaced without the need for digging up the entire yard. Some digging is still usually necessary but usually little more than a small hole or two. This saves the homeowner from having to repair expensive landscaping and having their yard destroyed.

How does Trenchless Sewer Repair work exactly?

First the line is inspected, usually with a tv camera inspection (a device on a long flexible cable inserted through the pipe.) This allows the plumber to assess the amount of damage and if the pipe is in good enough condition for pipe bursting or lining or if there are any other blockages present such as tree roots.
A hydro-jetter and/or drain snake is then used to flush out the line and clear any blockages that may be in the way.
Afterwards there are usually two main approaches either the pipe is replaced with a new pipe or new pipe is created in it’s place using a resin from within the pipe.

A new pipe is made

If going with a new pipe lining then a series of liners are used to fill and form to the interior of the existing pipe. This cured in place pipe (cipp) sits in the pipe in sleeve liners that hold the resin material into place. As it hardens in shape it becomes a new pipe and the liners are removed. The new pipe is clean, smooth and durable!

Piping from the inside out

Another method uses a mechanical arm with an oversized spike on the end. The arm is pushed through the pipe and the spike is placed onto the arm facing into the pipe and is then pulled back through the pipe breaking the old pipe into pieces while pulling a new pipe through behind it. This technique is often referred to as pipe bursting.

A happy yard

Thanks to brilliant innovations like these more often than not the damage to the homeowners yard is minimized. Even driveways and concrete can remain in tact while the pipe beneath is repaired -saving big money avoiding expensive concrete repair work too! Some homes with an accessible sewer line in a basement for example may require little to no digging. And best of all trenchless sewer repair is not only cleaner but also much faster than digging out the pipe and replacing it manually!