Indoor Air Quality

Maybe it’s time to get a central air humidifier

Dry itchy skin! It’s annoying, and usually accompanied by irritated sinuses. It’s hard to find that perfect balance between dry enough and too dry.

That’s where central air humidifiers come in!

The itchy eyes, sore throats, stuffy noses that are caused by dry air can get a whole lot better with the right humidity balance!

It’s really important to find that perfect level of humidity, not just for your comfort but for your home too. Building materials, paint, electronics -all these things need the right balance and not too much humidity either.


Optimal Humidity

A good central air humidifier can keep the levels of humidity in the home optimal while taking advantage of your existing HVAC system including heat from your furnace.

Often this can mean a more thorough, balanced humidity throughout the entire home or office while being more energy efficient than trying to accomplish this task with smaller portable humidifiers.

Plumbing systems supply water to central air humidifiers too so you don’t have to worry about refilling it -a lot easier than doing this manually.

These systems are usually very quiet and out of the way so they won’t clutter up your home either.

Different types of systems

Central Air humidifiers are also surprisingly inexpensive and there are a few options:

Mist Humidifiers

Mist humidifiers do pretty much what they sound like they do, they push a light spray of mist into the path of flowing air allowing it to circulate into the flowing air.

Steam humidifiers

Steam humidifiers work by heating the water and pushing the humid air through the vents.

Drum Humidifiers

Drum Humidifiers have a rotating surface similar to a sponge which pulls water from a tray to evaporate into the air.

Flow through

These types of humidifiers simply use a trickle of water onto metal which is in the path of the hvac ventilation causing the water to evaporate.


If you are interested in one of these systems just give us a call!