Indoor Air Quality

At 217, Inc. we know that the comfort of your home or business depends on much more than the temperature on the thermostat. That’s why we offer a complete line of indoor air quality products to help those you care about most breathe easier. Contact us for more tips on making your home or office as comfortable as possible.

UV Bulbs to clean and improve indoor air quality
UV Bulbs

In order to save energy and money, we keep our homes sealed up and insulated as much as possible. This prevents fresh outside air from circulating in our homes and offices. The sun’s UV rays destroy biological and chemical contaminants in the atmosphere. Just like the sun’s rays, UV systems bring a similar process indoors. UV air and coil sterilization systems can help zap harmful airborne contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens and chemicals. They also help eliminate pesky odors caused by food and pets.

Air Purification
Air Purification

Pollen. Mold. Dust. Dust mites. Pet dander. Smoke. Chemicals. Allergens. All of these things can be polluting the air in your home and workplace. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that exposure to these indoor air pollutants can result in wide range of health effects, from immediate to long-term illnesses and mild to severe symptoms.

Help keep your basement dry with a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air and are ideal for the hot, humid Illinois summers. Certain parts of your home such as basements and laundry rooms naturally have higher moisture levels. High humidity can make you sticky and uncomfortable. It can force your cooling system to work harder than it should. All of that moisture can also cause mold, warped wood, blistered paint and musty odors.

Control indoor air quality and dryness with a humidifier

Humidifiers help add moisture to the air and are typically used during colder months. Low humidity levels can cause you to feel cooler, and want to run your heating system more frequently or at a higher temperature. Viruses that cause colds and the flu thrive in dry environments. Dry air also causes sore throats, itchy skin, static shock, and aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms. For best results we recommend American Standard Humidifiers.