Indoor Air Quality

Extending the life of your dryer and your clothing

This is another one of those times where small home maintenance can make a difference and save you money.  It’s easy to overlook your washer and dryer and simply use them til they stop working at which point it’s time to repair them or replace them completely -neither of which is cheap.  However, a little extra care can help keep your dryer running not only well but also longer while using less energy!

Keep it clean!

Dryer vents are notorious collectors of buildup, particularly in the form of lint and hair -especially if you have pets.  We see the lint trap and how quickly it fills up after drying each load but how about the stuff that makes it past the trap and into the vent.  You may be surprised to learn just how quickly lint builds up in the dryer vent!

Keeping the vent cleaned out means easier airflow for the dryer and in doing so less energy is used.

Keep it safe!

Not only does keeping that dryer vent clean mean less energy and wear on the dryer it’s also safer.  Dryer lint is extremely flammable and the dryer is essentially a big spinning metal heater!  So of course this makes for an easy fire hazard that can be easily avoided.


A clean dryer vent is also less likely to put irritants into the air from drying clothes if it is venting properly.  This means cleaner air and less allergens irritating your sinuses especially during the winter months when the house is usually less ventilated.

What to do?

You can remove the dryer vent line from the back of the machine and vacuum it out.  This can go a long way to helping keep it clean.  Also, make sure the vent line on the outside of the house is clean and unobstructed so it’s able to vent properly.  If your dryer vent line is difficult, long, hard to reach or just extremely clogged you may want to call us as we offer a professional dryer vent cleaning service.  We have the tools for the job!  Then you can sit back and let us do the dirty work and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you are keeping your dryer running safe and efficiently.