Indoor Air Quality

Do you really need a whole house dehumidifier?

Today we take a closer look at dehumidifier systems, how they work and what they do. Obviously they dehumidify the building and pull moisture out of it. But if it were really just as simple as that this would be a pretty short article. The benefit from these systems becomes more pronounced in warm humid climates. So you may be wondering, is a dehumidifier really necessary for a home or business in central Illinois? Around here we get a taste of all the seasons, which of course can make things a bit tricky.

So how do they work?

To keep it short and simple the dehumidifier pulls the extra moisture out of the air. The moisture is then collected and can be dumped or connects to a drainage system.

Doesn’t My Air Conditioner already do that?

Yes! But, only to a lesser degree. It’s more like something that happens along the way rather than the focused task of the air conditioner. This becomes more obvious during periods of high humidity during the summer. The air conditioner cools the air and removes moisture in the process, however it doesn’t control the moisture levels.

In fact, depending on how the air conditioner is calibrated it could be leaving your home with too much humidity or not enough humidity if it is running constantly.

The sweet spot between too moist and too dry.

A relative humidity level of 30 to 50% is usually ideal. You don’t want your house too dry or too wet either! Both can cause issues with the building. Fortunately, dehumidifiers are designed to control humidity levels to keep the moisture level ideal.

High moisture makes more work for your air conditioner as well, which can mean a higher utility bill than necessary.

And especially for people, a controlled moisture level can make a big difference in overall comfort and healthy air.

Too much moisture can lead to mold and wood warping and swelling, damage to the walls and floors.

Your home or business is an investment, protecting it with a dehumidifier is usually a good idea! If you are interested to learn if a dehumidifier is right for you, give us a call today!