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About Heating And Cooling Maintenance

It’s really easy to forget about having maintenance on your hvac systems at the beginning of their respective seasons. But, just like your car, keeping it tuned up can mean it runs better and more reliably. Today we look at the importance of heating and cooling maintenance.

Installation and Repairs are Expensive. Maintenance is not.

It’s easy to think, “The AC is working fine, no need to call the HVAC guy til it stops working fine.” Of course, this is not usually the case because when it does break down it could be an expensive repair while also shortening the longevity of the system. Keeping the system clean and tuned up will go a long way to keeping it healthy which means a much less likely chance of needing a big repair or catching a problem before it becomes an even bigger repair or even an emergency repair.

A well maintained system uses less energy

Moving parts require energy, the better shape your furnace or air conditioner is in the better those parts are going to work. For example, when the fan in a forced air system is clean and free from obstructions it doesn’t need to use as much energy to do it’s job. Over time as parts become worn, dirty, etc they are met with more resistance or may even not perform as well as they were originally designed to. This is just one more way to help keep those monthly utility bills as low as you can!

Cleaner, healthier air

Maintenance can also mean cleaner air in your home. HVAC systems that haven’t been maintained may have dirt, bacteria, and mold. Regular maintenance keeps the system cleaner. Clean coils and filters can go a long way to having cleaner air in your home.

Your system’s warranty

Parts and components might still be covered by a warranty. Regularly scheduled hvac maintenance can save money on parts if they are found to need replacement while still under warranty. For example, if a component needed replacement that would have been discovered during a routine maintenance of the system vs a repair that happened months after the warranty expired. This is just one more way these maintenance plans can help you save money!

Getting more ‘mileage’ out of your hvac system

That routine maintenance can really save you a lot of money in the long run on having to replace the system entirely with a new installation. Like most any machine, the better you take care of it the better it will run and consequently the longer it will last!

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