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217, Inc.
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by sarah on 217, Inc.
Showing Up - Capable (Problem Solved), courteous AND kind

Patrick was terrific!

He responded immediately to the call; set up a time convenient for me: called me to say he was on his way (40 minutes early!) to make certain he'd have time to fix the problem so that i could get to work on time.

Patrick showed up having thought about a couple scenarios to solve the problem - and his first instinct was correct. Problem solved in ten minutes - he had brought a new capacitor with him & replaced the old one. He also had brought an extra filter with him, and replaced that, as well.

As much, he was tremendously efficient AND kind.

Scenario: 5:30 pm, 85 degree on a saturday night; the inside air conditioner fan was running, but not cooling; the outside unit buzzing and hot ... a woman in her late 50's, with an aging black labrador retriever panting & a black cat with panic... i had to go to work sunday early morning - what about my animals, much less being gone all day sunday (set to be another record scorcher!)

saturday overnite i opened all the windows, had two fans running- it was still like a sauna, but bearable ...

within 30 seconds of Patrick walking up to my house, my dog relaxed, stopped barking, and accompanied this stranger into my house - someone who showed up cheerful, capable and kind...

it enabled me to show up at my work that day - my animals safe, the house cool - capable, courteous and kind .

Thank you so much.

by Katy McCue on 217, Inc.
Happy Customer

217 gave us a second opinion over the phone, once I explained what our "regular" service provider had already diagnosed as being the problem. We needed a new motor for our air conditioner fan. 217 gave us an estimate nearly half what our "regular" provider quoted. We were thrilled to pay a little less than $400 when the other quote was $800. This was a month ago and everything is working just fine. I highly recommend 217.

by Jonathan on 217, Inc.
Great Service!

The day we moved into our house, the water heater cracked and water was leaking and damaging the floor. Darin isolated the problem, helped us get rid of the excess water and was back with a new heater later that day! Super service, very polite and explained everything very clearly. Thanks!

by Lori on 217, Inc.
Very positive experience!

Patrick was able to bring our air conditioner back from the dead! He was very efficient and pleasant and explained everything we needed to have done and what to expect. It is working great now!

by Michelle on 217, Inc.
Multiple plumbing issues

Wonderful service and friendly, professional staff. It all started with a leak under our kitchen sink, which Darren came and helped us with. He found a hole in a hose of the faucet, which he found out was still under warranty, so he went ahead and ordered a new one for us and came to replace it as soon as it came in. Very friendly!

That very day after that issue was fixed, we had significant back-up issues in our toilets and drains caused by a broken pipe from tree roots in our backyard. Sewage filled the bathtub, and we were unable to run any water. Garrett (who is always very friendly on the phone) was able to squeeze us into their booked schedule that afternoon. Lucas has been to the house a few times since this issue began, to explain our options and provide us with a temporary solution until we decide how we want to fix the pipe. I will recommend this company to anyone who needs fast, reliable service!

by Jj on 217, Inc.
Air Conditioning

Patrick was a great help. He fixed our AC unit through multiple days. The first day he came by, he found the problem but couldn't work on it due to the fact it was completely frozen over and the filter was basically a fur rug. He took off the filter and told us that he would come by first thing the next morning. So the next day when he arrived, made us the first stop, he still couldn't work on the internal piping system of the AC unit because it was still frozen. So he told us he'd come AGAIN at the end, and came by at the very end of his shift. He didn't forget about us and kept his word. He fixed everything, made our apartment bearable again, and was super friendly. He was even professional enough to deny the beer I offered him for his great work. Patrick worked diligently and quickly, and was a very nice guy. Would definitely recommend this business!

by T Ehlen on 217, Inc.
Air system fan

Excellent service. Indoor fan was not operating correctly; and oddly, it had started blowing the wrong direction. Service tech was professional, communicated well on phone with me through the whole process because I couldn't be at home while he was working. Tech replaced part and everything turned out well; unit operates perfectly again.

by Patrick on 217, Inc.
Air conditioning

Patrick came in to fix our air conditioning. He was super nice and fixed it in a short amount of time. Would recommend 100%.

by Crystal McCune on 217, Inc.
Busted pipe

Excellent business! From the professional office staff, to the wonderful technician Darren to the owner Lucy's.They were all AWESOME in fixing my problem and giving me advise as a novice new homeowner.Highly recommend and will use them in the future when a need arises!! Thanks guys!!

by Kurt Lash on 217, Inc.
Boiler cleaning

Discovered a problem with boiler during home inspection as we were selling our home. Any delay or failure to completely fix the problem would have been a huge headache. 217Inc quickly diagnosed the problem and scheduled a cleaning only a few days later. Cleaning a basement boiler is a tough, dirty and lengthy job. Eric and Jordan worked quickly and courteously. And when they were done, they completely cleaned up the workspace. Great job 217!

by Molly on 217, Inc.
General Maintenance

They were amazing to work with. The first time we used them we had moved into our first new house. A week week in we wanted to turn on our air conditioner. And nothing happened. Of the half dozen companies we dealt with, they were the only ones to come out and take a look at it and work with the home warranty company. Evidentially, this home warranty company is lowsy and no company in town will work with them because they won't pay their bills. Anyway, next year rolls around and we want to have a general maintenance check. The rate was reasonable and they scheduled a tentative date for inspection. They followed up later in the week confirming the weather would be sufficiently warm enough to test the system. They showed up on time and were very nice to work with.

by daly on 217, Inc.
Air Conditioning Work

I called 217 for some work on AC on rental property. Patrick came and was extremely helpful. Because this positive experience, I then hired 217 to then do some plumbing work. The tech was precise, clean. I will use then hereafter. Guaranteed.

by Martin on 217, Inc.

Excellent service. Problem was diagnosed quick, and problem was resolved.

by Linda Degrofft on 217, Inc.
Service of water heater

I called 217 inc to request service to the water heater that was no longer heating. Darin came out and gave me 3 options to choose from. He was able to light the waterheater but said that it may go out again so i took the second option he ordered the part and had it fixed in a couple days. Quick response time great service and reasonable pricing. Thanks to 217 inc and Darin!

by Stacy P. on 217, Inc.

Been having problems with the heating in my house,

multiple people came to work on it but Patrick is the only one who actually fixed the problem! thanks again.

by Bob H. Urbana,IL on 217, Inc.

Had problems with an outside spigot. Contacted 217 and Darren was there the next day. Replaced it and new one is working great. While here I discussed the fact that I have a boiler for heat and asked if they did repair work on them. He said yes and expressed confidence that they could perform any service I needed with it. I will certainly call them for future service.

by Waad Ayoub on 217, Inc.
Horrible Service

I had issues with my sump pump and my home warranty company called 217 Plumbing to come look at it. They charged us a service visit fee and did nothing, claiming that our sump pump was running fine. They were called again two weeks later to make another visit to our house; they never showed up, saying if they come they would want to charge us again, even though the home warranty insisted the visit should be free of charge because they never resolved the issue. three days later, our basement flooded. Thank you, 217 Plumbing, for the care you showed our claim!!

We’re very sorry that you feel dissatisfied with 217 Plumbing. We never want to leave any customer feeling anything less than ecstatic that they had 217 out to service their home. Unfortunately, when it comes to home warranty claims our hands are tied due to their own rules and regulations. When we went out initially, you were informed that the damage to your sump pump was caused by your humidifier drain line being put into the sump pit causing the float to not properly activate the pump. We removed the dehumidifier drain line and were able to get the pump operational for you, but it was not meant as a long term solution as the float was permanently damaged. Your home warranty company denied the claim for replacement. The owner called you personally to explain to you what was going on and offered to do the replacement for a reasonable price. You informed us that you did not want to pay to replace it and wanted your home warranty company to pay for it. Regrettably, we cannot force them to change the coverage for you, or of course we would. We never want to see anyone have issues go unfixed; however, denied claims are becoming more and more common with some warranty companies. Please contact your home warranty company who denied the claim for your replacement if you have any further concerns. Please also feel free to reach out to 217 if there is anything we can assist you with in the future.

by Stanley Bengtson on 217, Inc.

He could not repair our 40-year-old faucet in the kitchen which I expected so I had a new replacement ready and the worker installed it quickly. He was so friendly we almost considered him part of our family. We will use 217 again if we need help

by Kim Eichelberger on 217, Inc.
Repair Work

We contacted 217 Heating & Cooling for a client who had a home here but lived in another state. It was an emergency situation and I could not have been more pleased with the way our situation was handled. They immediately went to the site and remedied the problem. We needed their help a second and third time and they were more than willing to help us out. They were honest and trustworthy. I highly recommend 217 Heating & Cooling!

by Jonathon on 217, Inc.
Furnace problem solved quickly

We woke up this morning to find that our furnace was not working properly. Tried to troubleshoot ourselves but couldn't get it to work. Gave 217 a call and within 5 minutes of calling them, Lucas called back and gave guidance on what the problem could be, which it was. With the help of Lucas we had heat back in no time. We very much appreciate the assistance.

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